Can I use an SD card or USB to show my own images/videos?

Yes, you can. There are micro SD and micro USB inputs available on the back of the Canvas. These can be used to store and display images on the Canvas. To use USB, you'll need an "on the go" cable to convert from micro USB to regular USB.

Supported images/videos are: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, svg, gif, mp4, mov.

Only 4 playlists can be used on a single SD/USB device. However, there is no limit on how many images each playlist can contain.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Add a folder to your drive called “meural1”. You can also use “meural2”, “meural3”, and “meural4”—you can upload four folders at a time.

  2. Copy your images into that folder. The image file should read “image name.[filetype]” for example “italy.jpeg”, and should use only alphanumeric characters.

  3. If you want to see thumbnails of your image when you wave through that playlist, create a file that reads “image name.[filetype].thumb”—for example “italy.jpeg.thumb”

  4. Turn your Canvas off and on again.