How do I hang my Canvas?

  1. To get started, you’ll need a pencil, tape measure, drill, ¼” drill bit, hammer, and Phillips head screwdriver. In your Meural box you’ll find a hanging cleat, screws with anchors, and a level.

  2. On the wall, make a mark where you want your initial pilot hole to be (we recommend 60” from the floor, as that is the gallery standard). Using the cleat, make sure the flush part on the back goes against the wall. Place the hole over your marker and place the level on top. Find the center and with your pencil mark the second hole.

  3. Make sure to drill about 2½” inches into the wall so that there is enough room for your anchors. Place the anchors into the wall and gently hammer them into place so they are flush with the wall. Line the holes of the cleat up with the holes of the anchor and place in the screws. Make sure the screws are very tight. Test the cleat to make sure it is secure and you are ready to move on.

  4. After you plug in the power cord into the Canvas, you’re ready to place your Canvas. Make sure to align the cleat on the wall to the cleat on the Canvas, gently place down, making sure it is secure. Plug in the power charger to the wall and you’re done!