How do I install the Swivel Mount?

To install your Swivel Mount, use the following instructions:

Step 1. Secure the donut

a. Place the donut against the backplate of your Canvas. 

b. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to screw the four screws into the donut, securing it tightly. 

Step 2. Install the wall mount extension

a. Hold the wall mount extension up to the wall, using the liquid level to adjust. (We recommend 60" from the ground to the center of the mount—the gallery standard.) Then, mark the holes with a pencil. 

b. Remove the wall mount extension, and drill into your wall with a quarter inch drill bit (about 2" deep).

c. Hammer the anchors in, and then screw in the wall mount extension with the anchor screws. 

Step 3. Hang the Canvas

a. Thread the cord (from top to bottom) through the wall mount, and slide the wall mount into the wall mount extension. 

b. Plug the power cord into the Canvas, and lower the Canvas (holding it in the vertical position) onto the wall mount (the power button should be on the lower left hand side). 

The Canvas rotates 90 degrees to the right and left.