How do I use Alexa with my Canvas?

First enable within the Alexa app (search for "Meural") or online. Once the skill's enabled, you'll be able to do the following (with more to come):

  • "Alexa, next on Meural" and "Alexa, previous on Meural"
    This will go to the next and previous work within a given playlist.
  • "Alexa, turn on Meural" and "Alexa turn off Meural"
    This will turn your Canvas on or off.
  • "Alexa, set Meural to 50 percent"
    This will set your Canvas' brightness. For the percent, you can say any number from 0 to 100.
You'll also notice that you can call your Canvas "Meural", its alias (i.e. Picasso-432), or the name you've chosen for it on my.meural (under "Settings"). We recommend giving it a plain name that the Alexa device will easily understand.

Because this integration is in beta, we still have kinks to work out (and a lot more fun stuff for you to try). We'd love to hear what your experience has been—your feedback is crucial in how we continue to improve.